Advantages & Disadvantages of online tutoring in UAE

online tuition in UAE

Education is something that can never be taken lightly and it can not be limited to the four walls of a classroom. Students need to have a holistic learning experience to have all the good qualities to become successful in their careers and life. 

Schools are established to provide quality education to students, but with more and more students enrolling the scope of teacher-student learning becomes challenging. In UAE it is seen that most students are not getting enough attention for their education from schools. Tutoring comes to the rescue as it can provide a more detailed and concentrated scope of a learning experience for the students. Online tutoring in UAE is making it possible for students to fill this gap of not getting a proper education. 

Parents are often busy with their hectic schedules and find it difficult to teach their children. The only solution for them is to hire a good tutor who would tend to all the educational needs of their children. Online tutoring is ideal for students in UAE as it can easily fill the gaps schools may fail to fulfil. 

Benefits of online tutoring 

Online tutoring offers many benefits to both the parents and children, here are 10 of the most appealing among them:

1. Individual attention

One of the most evident benefits of online tutoring is that it can easily fill the gap of students getting individual attention which a traditional classroom set-up may lack because of a large number of students in class. Having individual attention can help the overall understanding of a topic much better as they can grasp better details when given more attention. 

This can also help students who are shy to communicate among a large group of students. With online tutoring, this can slowly be mended making them more confident to communicate in the class.

2. Faster learning process

Following up the benefit of individual attention, when a student is given private tuition they can enjoy the ease of studying at their own pace which eventually makes them complete their portions in time. 

3. Flexibility of time

The issue of managing time is very easy when it comes to online tutoring. Students can select the timing that works best for them and schedule their online tutoring in such a way that they can have a life outside studies. 

Time management is an essential skill in the corporate world and understand the value of every second will make students more punctual and disciplined. When students are given the liberty of selecting the timings they would consider various factors such as their school timings, other extracurricular activities, leisure time etc. 

Online tutoring in UAE is gaining popularity mainly because of this very benefit alone.

4. A well-structured curriculum 

While schools plan out the yearly curriculum considering various factors of the school and teachers, online tuition can provide a better-defined curriculum. This curriculum so formed by online tutors is of better quality and more relevant as the primary focus is to teach the students in the best possible way. 

5. Deeper understanding of subjects

Each and every subject would be given the utmost care and importance to make sure that all the aspects of the subject would be covered in the given time. As students would be given individual attention all their doubts would be covered. The habit of asking questions will also be looked upon. As students become more open to asking questions they will automatically gain a deeper knowledge of subjects. 

6. No barrier of location

Your child does not have to miss out on studying no matter where they are. You simply need a functioning internet connection and a device to attend the classes. This ensures that children can be on track with their studies even while travelling. You can now take your child with you while going somewhere as the online classes can be easily availed anywhere you are.

7. Added benefit of technology

One of the major benefits of online tutoring is that the overall teaching experience can be enhanced with the help of technology. Teachers employ various tools and techs to widen the scope of education. It can help in a better understanding of various topics which require additional help in terms of visuals, games, or other study materials. 

8. Affordability 

Unlike traditional tuition, online tuitions are considerably affordable. This is because it cuts down on various costs for both the teachers and parents. The only means of expense are an internet connection and a device to run the class which is already available to nearly everyone. Online tutoring in UAE is cheaper compared to other tutoring options in UAE.

9. Aid in improving the attention span of students

Children have a very limited attention span and it is important to train them into holding their attention to what they are doing. Online tutoring demands the full attention of students which over the course of time trains them to hold their attention towards studying, more importantly, it is training them to remain focused on doing one activity at a time without being distracted. 

With classroom studies, they can easily wander off in their thoughts and become restless while growing up. Because each student gets individual attention during online tutoring they won’t wander away nor would they find the studying annoying. When they get trained to focus on attending the class they get moulded into disciplined individuals.

10. Students become trained in technology

In the present day scenario technology has taken over to be one of the most important elements of our everyday life. If you are not tech-savvy you fall behind everyone else. 

Though children are more advanced in technology nowadays it is important to make them understand how they can use technology in the right way. Online tutoring helps in educating the students in their subjects and also trains them in how to use technology in the right way.

Disadvantages of online tutoring

Online tutoring comes with a lot of benefits and as everything good has its bad side, this has a few disadvantages too. 

Though online tutoring helps in reducing the stress on parents to take care of their child’s studies, it does not completely take away the responsibility of parents. They still have to keep track of their children’s education. 

Online tutoring requires only an internet connection and device to run that but if there is any connection issue with the internet it can slow down the class. Technological glitches happen rarely if the device is of good quality but this limitation does exist nonetheless. 

Training students to become more focused is a strenuous task and until they reach a point of focusing on their own they will become restless as teachers would not be physically present to manage them.

Even though online tutoring comes with its share of disadvantages they are easily outweighed by the advantages online tutoring has to offer. To ensure your child gets all of his portions covered on time it is best to avail of the service of online tutoring in UAE by Tuto Training.

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